FITUR 2018

FITUR 2018

Welcome to Fitur 2018!!

When talking about tourism, we all know Fitur is the biggest fair ever. This year, we are already celebrating FITUR is already 38.

From January 17th till the following Sunday, plenty of interesting events will be taking place. A venue where you can meet real experts on tourism, as well as real and potential customers of course, thousands!! By the way, the author of this article thinks those people without a trip on mind… cannot feel like “totally complete” right?

Fitur is giving us the opportunity to go as far as we want, or even further, apart from the best Spainbeaches destinations that you can always find on our web (Andalucia, Baleares or Canary Islands, for example).

Over 165 countries have been invited this year. Thus to say, benefits are expected to be around 260 millions euros. 8% more than last year. Where? Recinto ferial del Campo de las Naciones, Madrid. Parking lot? Yes; but we strongly recomment coming by metro (Campo de las Naciones stop) or by the EMT buses (104, 112, 122).

We also recomend visitors to take a chance on Pangea The Travel Store. The biggest one ever. 1500M2 aprox!

More than 20 experts will be helping you. You can easily find the destination of your dreams. Your one and only honeymoon, the perfect safari  or exotic beaches all around The World.

It is quite an experience, if you love travelllling; we coud even say it is like a “mini Fitur”.

Our team of experts will kindly let you know the does and donts,.. A few tricks here and there, and they will be more than happy to share their experiences with you. When you love what you do, people can only notice. And love it in return.

Greetings from Fitur.
Spainbeaches Team.

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