Suances Beach

Suances Beach

There are four beaches located in Suances Village: La Concha, Los Locos, La Tablía, and La Tagle, the latter also sometimes known as El Sable, where you can enjoy surfing at any level, but Los Locos beach is probably one of the most powerful spots and with the highest level.
On Los Locos, strong waves and dangerous currents are common, and surfing has been practiced for nearly three decades. If you are a beginner, this is not the best place to learn, because the beach is not very long, and accidents could happen. A young and sporty atmosphere invades this town in Cantabria every year. Very close to Santillana del Mar, it’s described as one of the most charming places in Cantabria.
Besides its location, Suances is known for its extraordinary cuisine. The taste of its traditional meals is as awesome as its powerful waves! There’s a perfect viewpoint from which to enjoy incredible sunsets accompanied by a delicious coffee or beer.
Highlights: Good waves, good atmosphere, good service, and an amazing setting.
Services available: Restaurants, hotels, parking, umbrellas, kiosks, toilets, showers, telephone, bins, drinking water, and cleaning service.

La Concha Beach: 1 kilometre long and a sandy bed.
Los Locos Beach: 500 metres long and a sandy bed.
La Tablía Beach: 100 metres long and a sandy bed.
La Tagle or El Sable Beach: 200 metres long and a sandy bed.

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